Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ladybug Update

On Tuesday, we had our Early Intervention evaluation. It went really well. While we did qualify for some services, we also learned that she is really not too far behind the curve on most things. Basically, they were concerned about what they referred to as her "trunk" strength. Otherwise known in workout world as your core muscles. She is developed to the level of a 3 month old at this point, which is a 40% delay.

Her other skills are scattered. Some things she is tracking right on point with, like her social interaction, recognizing voices, reaching for toys, bringing them to her mouth...many more, other things she is month or so behind on, but still considered in normal range.

There were two other areas of concern. Her verbal skills are behind, so we are going to have a speech therapy consult and her left eye is tracking slower than her right eye, so they have recommended seeing an opthomologist.

Overall I was really pleased with the outcome, she is close to or on track for the majority of skills, but still qualified for some extra help, which in my opinion is the best of everything.

In other news, our hand surgeon apparently had some last minute "out of town meeting" (which I'm pretty sure is doctor speak for vacation) pop up on the week of our scheduled surgery, so we had to reschedule. So,the thumb operation has been postponed to October 13th.

The last couple days have been consumed with packing, and organizing, and getting ready for this trip. I've had a big week at work too, so I am absolutely ready to go.

Some pics from last night -

Leah was thrilled to be eating:


Right up until she got bored and passed out:


Joey licking the cap to the baby food jar:


Tyler has been trying for weeks to figure out how to get into the baby swing - Mission Accomplished:


So - everything is packed - we are leaving tonight. Driving straight through. Tomorrow - I will be officially on vacation.

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